From the Player  -


if a player feels there is a situation between a player, coach  or manager they need to address the situation promptly. Talk to their coach or manager and resolve the

situation. If there is no success talk to the Director of Coaching.



From the Parent


Unless the situation is serious  parents should keep their opinions to themselves.

Player positions and tactical play are not for     parents to decide. If they have a real grievance they can address the Director of Coaching. If it is still not resolved they can put their complaint in writing to the Board of Directors of Macquarie Football.


From the Coach or Manager


If a coach or manager has a particular issue with a player, they should address the player directly. If the issue is not resolved they may involve the parents or direct the problem to the Director of Coaching.


If still not resolved a formal interview may include the player, parents, coach, manager and DOC. A formal letter of reprimand may be the outcome in some instances. Any player who receives 3 letters of reprimand will be asked to leave the Academy.


Depending on the seriousness of the situation a player could be asked to leave the Academy after one incident only.